Toyota display new vehicle model Venza once again in US, after 5 years of failure

Toyota Venza has exposed its presence in US’s market once again after nearly 5 year of failure. And, it comes with the 2021 Series and new appearance design. In fact, this new vehicle is like Toyota Harrier in Japan, too. But it changed the name.

Be informed that Toyota Venza Series 2021, which is available for sale in the US is Hybrid type. And, it comes with the machine capacity of 2.5L, and it has 3 electric motors, which can offer 219 horse-power. And, it has gasoline consuming rate of 5.88L, within 100Km.

For the appearance design of Venza, Toyota has not explained anything about it during the announcing to release it. And, it has appearance design almost the same with Toyota Harrier for Japan’s market.

As for the interior part, of course, it comes along with the display screen 8 inches, and it also has the option of 12.3 inches, supporting Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa. It also comes with sound system with 6 speakers. But it can change to use JBL speaker, which has up to 9 speakers. One more interesting option is rooftop Star Gaze, which comes along with the new technology of Electrochromic, which can switch from clear to blur easily.

Toyota Venza Series 2021 will release during between June and September. It’s between RAV4 and Highlander. Toyota has not exposed the price to the public yet, but it seem to be available for sale at the cost of less than 30,000$.

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