Get to know the price of Jaguar F-Type Series 2020 recently released!

Recently, Inchcape Thailand announced the release of a new vehicle model Jaguar F-Type Series 2020, which has two different body shape types, Coupe and Convertible (open roof), at the price of $200.000 USD for Base Model.

F-Type comes with two different machine types. Well, the first one is the machine 2.0L, Turbo Charged, 4 Cylinders, 300 Horse-Power. And, the other one is 5.0L, Supercharged, 8 Cylinders, 575 Horse-Powers, 8 parts gearbox, 4-wheels drive.

Be informed that F-Type also has the model R-Dynamic, which costs USD 216,000 for the model Coupe, and USD 238,000 for the model Convertible. As for the model R-Dynamic, a large machine, of course, it costs $376,000USD.

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