Finally, we have found the appearance design of the strong contender of Tesla Model X

The company producing cleaning pumping machine, Dyson used to expose its plan that it will produce its electric vehicle to compete with Tesla. However, the plan got canceled in October last year. Thus, we have not found the appearance design of Dyson’s electric vehicle then. However, recently, we have seen Dyson’s electric vehicle got exposed to the public to compete with Tesla Model X. Of course, the appearance design of this electric vehicle got exposed by Mr. James Dyson, a UK’s billionaire, and he’s also Dyson’s owner.

Well, the electric vehicle that Mr. James has exposed is N526, which has Premium Design, and it has 7 seats, and it can drive up to 965Km. With this long driving distance, of course, it’s 2 times longer than Tesla Model X, since it has only 505km when fully-charged.

Be informed that Mr. James has spent his own money up to USD 609 to develop the electric vehicle project before the project got dissolved last year. Well, this has shown that to manufacture the electric vehicle to sell in the market, it does require a tremendous amount of money and time.

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